Vengeance (व्हेंजन्स) – सूड

Vengeance (व्हेंजन्स) म्हणजे काय? Meaning of ‘Vengeance’ in Marathi

एखाद्याच्या कृत्याची मोठ्या ताकदीनिशी परतफेड करणे यास ‘व्हेंजन्स’ घेणे अर्थात ‘सूड’ घेणे असे म्हणतात.

Harming someone with a great force in retaliation for something they have done.

Vengeance (व्हेंजन्स) - सूड

Vengeance (व्हेंजन्स) – सूड

Vengeance शब्दाचा उच्चार

Vengeance शब्दाचा वाक्यात उपयोग

  • ‘My focus isn’t vengeance, I want justice’, he said in a interview.
  • She didn’t want vengeance, but a little justice would be nice.
  • He said his desire for vengeance was so great that he joined the army.
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